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01 Nov 2021 | Office of the University

Chiang Mai University Go to the area to organize the natural creation project green product Chiang Mai Province It is a creative Lanna knowledge transfer project. To develop youth in Ban Pang Muang community, Cholae community, and to develop and promote the elderly in Ban San Maha Phon community, Mae Taeng District, together with Chiang Mai University by developing potential for local people and creating sustainability through linking knowledge of Lanna wisdom. Promote a knowledge-based society by creating innovations in handicrafts and community-based design, namely banana planting, using unused banana peels to create banana fibers. Woven into fabrics dyed with local natural colors and further creating textile products with the concept of G-Green Economy or Green Economy. that supports the potential of the community in the circular economy focusing on the cost-effective use of resources Under the Sustainable Urban Development and Human Settlement Goal 11 according to the University's Strategic Plan.


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