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4-Sided Strategy

  • Lanna Wisdom

    Lanna Folk Wisdom is a development of adaptation and adjustment of the way of life of Thai people and various groups of Lanna people to blend in harmony with nature. And transmitted continuously for a long time

  • Lanna Knowledge

    Arose from the cooperation of various faculties, institutions and offices with personnel, including knowledge In the form of academic work, research and various information Related to Lanna Studies With the objective

  • Lanna Creative

    Learning the wisdom of the Lanna people to create a positive attitude Therefore may start from the study of the location Topography Historical development, population, beliefs, local weaving rituals Irrigation of community structures Folk technology and disease treatment Which will be discussed later

  • Lanna Landscape

    The land of Lanna is characterized by a complex mountain range from north to south, between mountains with plentiful plains. There are many important rivers flowing through the River. Lanna is therefore the settlement of ancient communities since prehistoric times.


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