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13 Nov 2021 | Office of the University
           The term "Cultural Heritage" and Chiang Mai cannot be denied that they have been a couple for a long time. Some things appear in everyday life. Some things are still waiting for us to study and find out, as Special Professor Dr. Anek Laothammathat Minister Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (TSU) said on the visit Lanna Architecture Center Khum Chao Burirat (Chao Noi Maha In Na Chiang Mai) says, "This time, we must take the opportunity before the problem and hurry to seize that moment to open the opportunity." It can be seen that this short sentence has hinted at something that we have neglected a lot including the cultural heritage that persists with Chiang Mai Perhaps it is time for us to revisit the past to guide the future and the dynamics of the ever-changing and ever-changing world.
          On this occasion, Acting Director of Lanna Creativity Center and executives, including faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture Chiang Mai University had the opportunity to exchange ideas on cultural heritage, architecture, way of life, creative Lanna To drive the creative economy (Creative Economy) on the cultural cost of Lanna together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant agencies. To create awareness for the above networks involved in driving Chiang Mai Province into a cultural heritage city.


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