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Design and development of creative pottery handicraft products From the 200-year wisdom base of Muang Kung Village, Chiang Mai Province

01 Nov 2021 | Office of the University

Project to design and develop creative pottery handicraft products from the base of 200 years of wisdom of Ming Kung Village to support a cultural tourism village” aims to create a guideline to prepare villagers in designing, developing and presenting products that meet the market. target tourists as well as bringing the identity of pottery work and the wisdom of pottery work at Ming Kung used to adjust the landscape and create a physical atmosphere in the area to impress visitors It is a selling point that promotes the image of being a creative cultural tourism village in terms of local pottery handicrafts. In addition to helping to add economic value to the community, it also creates value and pride in the occupation of the ancestors and pride in the duty of being the inheritor of local wisdom to the children.


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