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Considered to be one of the schools that many high school students dream of From the sound of the narrative about the field trip to excavate archaeological sites in various areas And looks like this period The current needs of this faculty seem to increase. From the hot drama "Buphaphonniwat", which the heroine of the story is also an archeology student But can believe that some drama fans do not understand that Faculty of Archeology Study about How important

    Studies of brief history of Lanna Kingdom and their Art. Focus on Buddhist idea and iconography including typical Lanna features, such as ornamental flower pots and peacocks In addition, common features of Lanna architecture will be described.

    29 Oct 2021
    Office of the University
  • Lanna Architecture: Past and Present

    An introduction of Lanna Architecture in Chiang Mai from past to present. The lecture will give the overview of the origin of Lanna Architecture in the Northern region of Thailand then focus on the development of city of Chiang Mai which will lead into the detail of the development of Lanna Architecture through time. The development of Lanna heritage wisdom from the past, into present day modern technology. This one-hour course will show what is Lanna Architecture and its brief history from past to present. We will provide a example and case study of Lanna Architecture through the history of Chiang Mai.

    29 Oct 2021
    Office of the University
  • Amazing Discovery at the Ancient Temple of Wat Umong Using Science and Mathematics

    Wat Umong is an ancient temple in Chiang Mai with interesting art and history. The subject shows how researchers at Chiang Mai University use chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer graphics, engineering, architecture, art, history and archeology to discover many amazing hidden secrets that no one knew before. The history of the temple is related to China, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.

    29 Oct 2021
    Office of the University
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