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Creative Lanna Street Art in Chiang Mai University

01 Nov 2021 | Office of the University

Chiang Mai University have a mission and responsibility to society and community especially in the strategy of the university and of the faculty in the strategy of creative Lanna 3 It is the development of Lanna knowledge and innovation. to create a local spirit Therefore, the Street Art project in Chiang Mai University (Creative Landscape Project in Chiang Mai University) is a process that creates opportunities for Chiang Mai University. to participate with Sala in the local community (Social Engagement) National Artist and nationally renowned artists to conserve, restore and promote local wisdom, arts, culture, customs and customs applied to contemporary works of art (Contemporary Art) All works will be permanently established in Chiang Mai University at least 5-8 points to be a learning center on applied Lanna arts and culture. Create a creative Lanna landscape in Chiang Mai University. Promote learning of students and the general public who are interested It also creates pride in Lanna wisdom from co-creating local Sala works that bring techniques and materials in their own areas to create works. Born local pride leading to self-improvement initiatives Promote local empowerment and lead to sustainable development of Thailand in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs.

ทองกวาว จังหวะ สีสันแห่งวัยศึกษา

ลวดลายภูษาล้านนา หมายเลข 1

ลวดลายภูษาล้านนา หมายเลข 2




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